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Electroplated Grinding Wheels

Electroplated diamond and CBN grinding tools are usually used for profile grinding operations. On a base of steel or aluminum they carry a one layer of abrasive coating that is not dressed.
  • Diamond Grinding Wheel For Lapidary

    Diamond Grinding Wheel For Lapidary

    6/8 electroplated diamond grinding wheel for lapidary 1A1 electroplated diamond grinding wheel is made of Steel / Aluminum and Diamond Brasives. We have more than 15years experience of electroplated tools, and use advanced electroplating process to coat diamond abasives on...

  • Wood Turning Tools Grinding Wheel

    Wood Turning Tools Grinding Wheel

    8 inch high performance wood turning tools grinding wheel There are many types of tool materials. The common materials are mainly divided into four categories: tool steel (including carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel), cemented carbide, ceramic tools and...

  • Cbn Grinding Wheels Woodturning

    Cbn Grinding Wheels Woodturning

    6inch and 8inch electroplated cbn grinding wheels woodturning In woodturning filed, electroplated cbn wheel has been widely used and replaced the ordinary corundum grinding wheel. CBN grinding wheel can be a rapid cutting and high-speed feed grinding, will not cause rough...

  • Electroplated Tool And Cutter Grinding Wheels

    Electroplated Tool And Cutter Grinding Wheels

    Electroplated tool and cutter grinding wheels Name: beveled grinding wheel Specification: D75×T10×H12.7 Unit: piece Angle: 35.5° Girt size: 320# Thickness: 14mm Remarks: This grinding wheel is special used for grinding tungsten carbide steel and carbide cutting tool. The...

  • 8x1x5/8 Electroplated Grinding Wheel

    8x1x5/8 Electroplated Grinding Wheel

    8x1x5/8 electroplated grinding wheel JR company makes a lot of 8 inch cbn grinding wheel for our clients. Since CBN abrasive is a superhard material that the hardness is second only to the diamond. It usually works best when the workpiece hardness is greater than 48HRC. Thus...

  • Diamond Grinding Wheels For Tungsten Carbide

    Diamond Grinding Wheels For Tungsten Carbide

    Diamond grinding wheels for tungsten carbide The electroplated diamond grinding wheels have features of high grain density,sharp grinding,high efficiency,good precision,without dressing etc.The wheels can be made into various shapes and they are suitable for special...

  • Electroplated CBN Woodturning Wheel

    Electroplated CBN Woodturning Wheel

    Electroplated CBN woodturning wheel About the woodturning tool sharpening aluminum Core Electroplated CBN wheels JR company has made the diamond and CBN tools over 20 years, the factory established in 1992. Over the past, we made the CBN grinding wheel for woodturning tool,...

  • Gemstone Grinding Wheels

    Gemstone Grinding Wheels

    Lapidary grinding wheels Our lapidary grinding wheels are used for grinding and polishing gemstones, jade, crystal, agate, glass and so on. Specification Details: Package: one pc/box

  • Diamond Dressing Roller

    Diamond Dressing Roller

    Diamond dressing roller Diamond dressing roller is a high efficient dressing tool for molded grinding wheels, especially used for dressing complex surface or high precision molding surface of grinding wheel. There are electroplating and sintering producing methods to make the...

  • Electroplated Grinding Wheel

    Electroplated Grinding Wheel

    Electroplated grinding wheel Product Information: Electroplated CBN grinding wheel is suitable for grinding carbide cutting tools, tungsten steel. Product Details: 1. Long life cycle, high grinding ratio 2. Uniform sand, not easy off the sand 3. Durability Application: 1. For...

  • Lapidary Polishing Wheels

    Lapidary Polishing Wheels

    Lapidary polishing wheels Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for polishing gemstone. Our normal size details as follows: 6"x1"x1" 6"x1-1/2"x1" 6"x2"x1" 8"x1"x1" 8"x1-1/2"x1"...

  • 8 Inch Woodcut Cbn Wheels

    8 Inch Woodcut Cbn Wheels

    8 inch woodcut cbn wheels For woodturning tool, most our customerer use electroplated CBN grinding wheel.The specific information is as below: Diameter = 8 inches Arbor hole = 5/8" Wheel width = 1.5" Radius edge: 1/4 " Application: 1/4-inch radius on each side...

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JR Diamond Tools is one of the leading China electroplated grinding wheels manufacturers, also supporting customized service with competitive price. All electroplated grinding wheels products offered here are made in strict accordance with ISO9001 in China. Welcome to place orders with our factory.