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6 Inch Electroplated CBN Abrasive Wheel

6 Inch Electroplated CBN Abrasive Wheel

6 inch electroplated CBN wheel is widely used in woodturning industry,it is widely used for sharpening high speed, steel turning tools, woodturning tools.

  • Features & Specification

    6 inch electroplated CBN wheel is widely used in woodturning industry, because in the electroplated grinding wheels, the working layer is most closely mounted in the abrasives and fully contacted with the base. The grinding wheel has the largest holding force. It is allowed plating products to use high concentrations because of the strong binding characteristics. It won’t be lead to diamond fall off untimely.



    DTHXRCBN grit 
    6inch 1inch 1/2inch 1/4inch 
    1/4inch 60#,80#,180#, 220#,350#,       600#,800#,       1200#
    Other size and CBN grit can be customized as per clients'requirements.

    The CBN wheels are widely used for sharpening high speed, steel turning tools, woodturning tools.


    1. Light-weight.For the body,use the the aluminum as the material,it will be reduced the weight. 

    2. Mature electroplated technology. We have the production experience for over 12years.

    3. CBN particles stays sharp, won’t break down when sharpening, and let you utilize traditional grinding equipment for sharpening your turning tools.


    Package(hard material boxes):


    About the company: 


    JR Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and was known as Henan Runfa Superhard Materials Factory established in 1992. With more than 20 years of researching and developing on super hard materials, it has developed into one of the leading enterprises of super hard material industry in China. By our strong R&D teams, strict quality control systems, powerful domestic and foreign sales network, our products have covered stone, ceramic, glass, precious stone, diamond, hard metal, and constantly expanded to the photoelectric high-tech fields such as automotive components, precision mechanical parts, electronic and optical glass.

    JR company has got ISO certification from TUV NORD CERT GmbH.‘Elaborate craftsmanship, firm faith based’ is our business philosophy, we will continue to create new value for you by right of our outstanding products and perfect services.

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