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6 Inch Grinding Wheel 1 2 Inch Arbor

Best CBN Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodturning Woodturner Alloy/Carbon/High speed steel Carbide Tools

  • Features & Specification

    CBN Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodturning

    Best CBN Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodturning Woodturner Alloy/Carbon/High speed steel Carbide Tools

    Woodworking tool material is as follows:

    1) Alloy steel

    A trace alloying element is added to the steel and made into alloy tool steel. Alloy tool steel is widely used in the manufacture of woodworking tools.

    2) Carbon steel

    Carbon steel has low cost, good ability for cutting, good thermal plasticity and sharp.

    It is an excellent material for making woodworking tools. However, the heat resistance of this material is poor, the environment temperature is under 300℃. Ifthe temperature is too high, the hardness of the material will be reduced and the quality of the cutting operation is reduced.

    3) High speed steel

    High speed steel improves the hardness and wear resistance of alloy steel because it improves the proportion of alloying elements in alloy steel, making it better than carbon steel and alloy steel. The working environment of high speed steel has been raised to about 540℃-600℃.

    4) Carbide

    It is mainly made of metal carbide and alloy elements. It has two advantages of heat resistance and high hardness. It can continue to operate at 800℃- 1000℃, and its hardness exceeds that of carbon steel. Carbideis mainly used in the automatic production process of wood-based panels and wood processing.


    Product description 

    Technology           electroplated

    Material                aluminum, CBN

    Dimension           152.4D-19.05T-12.7H-6.35W-R226.91(6 x 3 4 x 1 2 grinding wheel)

    CBN grit                80 grit 


    This grindingwheel is made of high grade cubic boron nitride.

    If you are sharpening steel chain - CBN wheel is the correct choice.

    If you are sharpening carbide tipped chain - you should choose diamond grinding wheel. Please have in mind, you cannot use CBN grinding wheel on carbide tipped chain. Never use diamond grinding wheel on steel chain as well.


    The body material is made of aluminum, also can be steel as per clients'requirement.


    Package with a plastic bag, and put into the hard smaterial box, use foam to protect the grinding wheel.


    Mass production 


    Very long tool life.

    Do not loose the profile, do not change the shape - there is no need to correct wheel with the dresser.

    Give superior surface finish - woodturning tools will be extremely sharp and will stay sharp longer.

    Wheel chemical composition is well balanced for wheels to grind without cooling - you will not burn or temperyour tools.

    There is no dust while grinding - you will not inhale dust to your lungs.

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