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Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel

Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel

electroplated diamond grinding wheel is for grinding diamond

  • Features & Specification

    Our electroplated diamond grinding wheel is used for grinding diamond widely.


    More information:

    Size: D200*T52*H25.4 

    Grit: 60#

    Abrasive: diamond

    Price for reference: US$52

    Remark: we can customize size and make different grit wheels according to request

    Wheels details show:

    Straight edge grinding wheel


    There is edge grinding wheel for option.


    Product Application:

    They can be used for jewelry,gemstone,agate grinding and polishing,like below 


    We can make different grinding wheels for different production processes using,  rough grinding or accurate grinding according to different grit.

    Also it is mainly applicable for grinding and polishing marble, glass,HSS, carbide, tungsten steel, stones, concrete, ceramic, asphalt and so on.

    Product Characters:

    High grain density

    High efficiency sharp grinding

    Good precision 


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