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10 Principles for Grinding wheel selection
Jun 27, 2017

The choice of grinding wheel is often based on three factors to choose the grinding wheel Products: 1. Roughness, 2, life requirements, 3, grinding efficiency requirements. Roughness is determined by the granularity of the abrasive, according to the roughness can determine the grinding wheel of abrasive granularity selection, according to service life requirements and grinding efficiency requirements can determine the hardness of the grinding wheel and the size of the good tissue. We conclude that there are about 10 principles for the selection of the wheel.

1, coarse grinding choice coarse grain size, fine grinding when the choice of fine granularity.

2, sheet grinding wheel should choose rubber or resin binder.

3. Grinding and forming grinding wheel hardness should be higher.

4. When the grinding wheel size is fine, the hardness of the grinding wheel should be lower.

5, the forming of grinding, precision grinding should be more tightly organized grinding wheel.

6. When the workpiece grinding area is larger, the loose grinding wheel should be selected.

7, grinding non-ferrous metals and other soft materials, should be selected soft and loose grinding wheel, lest the wheel jam.

8, the workpiece material hardness is high, should choose the soft grinding wheel, the workpiece material hardness low should choose the hard grinding wheel.

9, grinding steel and other ductile materials should choose corundum abrasives, grinding cast iron, cemented carbide and other brittle materials should choose silicon carbide type abrasive.

10, grinding contact area Large should choose soft grinding wheel. Therefore, the grinding wheel hardness of internal grinding and end face grinding is lower than that of cylindrical grinding wheel.

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