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Specification for use of resin grinding wheels
Jun 27, 2017

I. Storage and transport of resin grinding wheels

1, the handling process should be handled lightly, to avoid collision and impact, moisture-proof, to ensure that the packaging without damage.

2, the grinding wheel storage when the stacking to be smooth and tidy, to put in the dry and ventilated place, do not directly contact the ground, preferably on the pallet on the turnover.

3, the grinding wheel should be advanced first out, to prevent the grinding wheel storage time too long affect the grinding performance.

4, resin grinding wheel storage time of more than one years, should be renewed strength rotary inspection, confirmed after the use of qualified.

Second, resin grinding wheel use and installation considerations

1, before use must check whether the product has cracks, defective and mute sound, if there is no use.

2, each piece of grinding wheel is marked with the highest use and line speed, before the machine must first confirm the speed of the machine, do not exceed the speed of the label on the wheel, to ensure that the machine has intact protective devices, grinding wheel center hole and grinding wheel center axis must match, otherwise can not be used.

3. The flange on both sides of the grinding wheel must have the same shape and size. Flange diameter to meet the requirements, both sides to have grooves.

4, the installation of fixed grinding wheel must be elastic moderate, after the installation of the start-up machine idling about one minutes, there is no abnormal rear can be used.

5, whether in the grinding, use of the pressure to be uniform, strictly prohibit the grinding wheel to adjust the rotation and the workpiece violent collision, into the knife to slowly gradually, cutting large-diameter workpiece, to reduce the grinding wheel and workpiece contact surface, cutting the minimum angle, to prevent the burning knife and card saw, every occurrence of burning knife card saw not moving, should lift the grinding wheel machine with angle steel to the cutting edge of the grinding wheel after a little rub, and then to cut off.

6, cutting pieces to ensure that the workpiece is fixed and secure, do not overlap the workpiece cutting, to prevent the workpiece in the cutting loose, cracked wheel caused accidents.

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