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Four Type Skills Of Cylindrical Grinding
Jan 26, 2018

Four type skills of cylindrical grinding

Diamond grinding wheel is used a diamond abrasive as raw materials, and metal powder, resin powder, vitrified powder and electroplating metal as a binder to made the circular abrasive tools. Generally there are 4 kinds of cylindrical grinding tips. the following details are as below:

1. The longitudinal grinding of diamond grinding wheel. The efficiency of this method is not fast, but its grinding quality is relatively good. Compared with similar products, the roughness is lower. In grinding process, the diamond wheel rotation is very high. Workbench is a composite longitudinal operation, in each operation or process the abrasive wheel will have a supply. The excess of parts will be cut off.

2. Infeed grinding. Compare with the first method, this one will be higher efficient, but it also has shortcomings. Its grinding force is very large, and the temperature is relatively high, so there should be sufficient cooling liquid in grinding. The rotation of the diamond wheel is a driving force, and the technical rotary motion and the movement of the wheel lead to continuous replenishment. The working table of the grinding wheel will not have the movement of longitudinal operation. The width of the diamond grinding wheel and grinding width will be relatively large, it will be used up the diamond part.

3. The compound grinding of diamond grinding wheels. This is a combination of the two above skills. Its grinding efficiency is relatively high, and the quality is also better. In grinding, we need to do rough grinding in advance, then the rest will be used grinding disc to handle finishing.

4. The last method is deep grinding. Its production efficiency is very high, but the dressing techniques are more complex. It requires high overall structure of the workpiece, and must be sufficient cut into and cut out length. In grinding process, the grinding wheel will be a step shape. The grinding speed are very slow. It need to be used in the longitudinal grinding after deep grinding.

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