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Will The Life Of The Wheel Be Affected After Two Rounds Of Dressing?
Mar 23, 2018

Will the life of the wheel be affected after two rounds of dressing?

1. The grinding wheel life and its criterion

The actual grinding time between the two dressings is called the grinding wheel life. Judging the life of the grinding wheel, it is generally judged visually according to the wear phenomenon in the working surface. The main phenomena are: self-excited vibration in the grinding process, regenerated chatter marks on the workpiece surface, grinding noise increasing, grinding burns on the workpiece surface, grinding force sharp increase or decrease , grinding precision decline and surfaces roughness increasing. These phenomena is mainly because the surface of the workpiece is thermally damaged under high grinding temperature, and the roughness and accuracy decrease because of self-excited vibration.

The end form of grinding wheel life: the surface passivation of grinding wheels - flattening state ( it will increase grinding force and grinding heat); the blockage of grinding wheel ( it will be prone to vibrate or noise and burn); the contour destruction of grinding wheel (it will impact the processing accuracy)

2. Evaluation of grinding performance index

Grinding efficiency: The commonly used index in the experiment is the grinding rate (Z), which refers to the volume or quality of the workpiece in a unit of time. The specific grinding rate (Z′) refers to the workpiece grinding volume in the unit width of the grinding tool that and the unit of time. . It represents the average removal rate of the abrasive tool during its wear durability.

Grinding wheel durability: It indicates the amount of metal removal in the two dressing intervals of the grinding wheel.

Grinding ratio: The ratio of the volume (or quality) of the workpiece and the loss volume (or quality) of the grinding wheel. G=VWC/ VSC

Grinding surface quality: it refers to the workpiece roughness, surface accuracy and working layer quality.