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Advantages Of Resin Grinding Wheel In Metal Cutting
Jun 27, 2017

Resin Grinding wheel can be widely used, and its own advantages are inseparable, resin grinding wheel in the metal cutting process, with the following advantages:

1, cutting speed pity, in the cutting of metal materials, cutting wheel cutting speed is other cutting methods (such as sawing, car cutting).

2. High precision of cutting dimension. The use of grinding wheel cutting. Its incision width and cutting smoothness. Generally better than metalworking saws.

3, cutting surface smooth, sand physics after cutting its surface often do not need to finish machining. and saw blades cut off very clearly.

4, can be used for hard material cutting processing, such as hardened steel and metal carbide hair and hard and brittle non-metallic materials cutting.

5, the use of abrasive tools, since the sharpness of good, do not need to be trimmed.

6, low cost, the use of grinding wheel cutting cost is significantly lower than other cutting methods.

7, a total of its applications, such as small groove incision, or hardened steel or superhard metal parts of the cutting seam and so on.