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Analysis Of Factors Influencing The Quality Of Electroplated Diamond
Jun 27, 2017

According to the research results of the Ofweek Industry Research Center, global smartphone sales are expected to grow by 12% per cent in 2016, which determines the demand for panels, and the production quantity of glass-plated grinding heads directly determined by the panel's demand.

The application of touch screen is becoming more and more extensive touch-screen glass processing accuracy requirements are also improving, many shapes are traditional square edging machine can not be completed, carved machine is widely used, the key to the new technology can be used to promote the use of ultra-fine-shaped electroplated diamond abrasives (commonly known as grinding head) the use of performance and service life. Because the diameter of the grinding head is small, the cutting line speed is very difficult to reach 10m, and the 15 20m difference is larger than normal requirement. Because the radius of curvature is small, the force angle of diamond cutting is changed, so that the compressive stress mainly becomes the bending stress, and the strength of the cladding metal (electroplating metal) is higher, so that the diamond will not fall off prematurely. The shape of the grinding head is complex, the relative concave and convex difference is big, the discharge and current division is serious, how to make batch, stable, high quality product is the industry present difficult problem.

In order to produce a stable electroplated diamond grinding head products, we need to update and improve the equipment, raw materials and process, inspection. There are manufacturers in the industry in 2008 from the automation equipment, raw materials, electroplating solution preparation, machining methods, pre-plating method, the protection of the non-plating zone, cutting-edge shielding, sand methods and times and the diamond Insert (thickening) proportional control gradually formed a set of technologies.