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Analysis Of Factors Influencing The Selection Of Coated Abrasives
Jun 27, 2017

1. Material for grinding workpiece:

There are many kinds of materials that can be grinded, for example: Stainless steel, tool steel, construction steel, castings, forgings, aluminum, titanium, aviation materials, glass, ceramics, wood, plexiglass, etc., but their respective grinding conditions are different. In addition to the properties of the material itself, some physical properties of the material are important to the selection of abrasive materials, such as hardness, toughness, microstructure, heat treatment conditions, and alloy types, etc.

2. The use of pressure:

The pressure used in grinding can be divided into high, medium and low. Understanding the pressure required to grind is helpful for abrasive selection.

3. Surface Roughness Requirements:

The RA or RT value of the workpiece surface is very important. In some requirements of surface polishing and surface drawing applications, will also be in accordance with the requirements of customers silk lines, brush, fog, mirror and polishing surface treatment.

4. Product shape and tolerances:

The condition and shape of workpiece surface is very important to the selection of abrasive and rubbing degree, and the control of workpiece tolerance is one of the factors to be considered.

5. Grinding speed and machine speed:

The running speed of the abrasive wheel depends on the speed of the machine mandrel running. RPM (rotational speed) and grinding speed need to be converted.