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Application Of Grinding Process For Resin Grinding Wheel
Jun 27, 2017

Grinding Wheel is one of the most widely used grinding tools, the variety of grinding wheel, the role of different grinding wheel is not the same, the following we would like to introduce the resin grinding wheel grinding processing applications, together to see it!

(1) Grinding the cylindrical, conical and shoulder surfaces of shafts, sleeves and other types of parts with resin grinding wheels on external cylindrical grinder or universal grinder.

(2) The end face of the outer circumference or wheel of the resin grinding wheel, such as the bolt fastening wheel, the air hole grinding wheel, slotted grinding wheel, porous grinding wheel and porous belt groove grinding wheel, as well as the use of cup-shaped grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, and so on, the mechanical parts of various straight to meet the straightness, surface roughness and the accuracy of the position between the plane grinding.

(3) using resin grinding wheel outside the round surface or resin grinding head, in the internal grinder, universal grinder or special grinder, on the surface quality requirements of a higher pass hole, blind hole, step hole, cone hole and bearing inner groove and other components for internal grinding.

(4) Using resin grinding wheel, resin and rubber guide wheels, in centerless grinder, using the flexible positioning method, the use of the outer circumference of the wheel, the rotation of the symmetrical inner circle or the outer surface of the centerless grinding process.

(5) using special resin grinding wheel grinding thread grinding wheel. On the thread grinder, the thread of the high precision and surface roughness, the thread of the workpiece, the thread of the measuring tool and the threaded part of the hardened processing are threaded. such as thread, worm, tap, hob, gauges, such as taper thread, long thread, parallel thread grinding.

(6) using epoxy resin honing wheel and double cone, butterfly type, double butterfly type, worm-type grinding wheel, etc., on the gear grinder, the gear grinding of hardened gears is processed.

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