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Application Of Sintered Diamond Grinding Wheel
Nov 03, 2017

Most of sintered grinding wheels are used metal as the binder, applying in knives, ceramics, evaporation boat, carbide, steel processing, high-speed steel, hardened steel, precious stones, building materials, auto parts industry. With high temperature sintering, the wheel has high strength, good shape, high temperature wear, and good thermal conductivity, wear resistance, long life. And it can withstand greater load. Due to there is contraction and deformation in the wheel sintering process, so the wheel must be repaired before the use. But the wheel dressing is more difficult.

 Diamond is known as the highest hardness material in nature, its excellent performance has broad prospects in the field of hard and brittle materials processing. At present, the use of diamond tools is still an effective processing method for hard and brittle materials for cutting and grinding. For example, applied in cutting tools, stone, grinding ceramic. At present, the dressing method s for conventional grinding wheel are not only wasted time and human cost, and diamond particles fall off more in the dressing process. Dressing wheel itself consumes a lot and the precision is low, so the research of diamond tool wear mechanism has a great significance for the diamond tool reasonable manufacturing and the rational choice of process parameters.

 In recent years, scholars have carried out the research work of finding special processing methods to repair the metal bind diamond grinding wheel. Mainly methods are electrolytic dressing, EDM truing etc. Usually diamond content and power consumption are low; but if the diamond content is too low, the macro crushing will be increased which it results in insufficient blade edge, so that the power consumption increased. Electrolytic dressing method is fast, but the precision is not high; EDM truing method has high precision, and can be sharp, but the speed is slow. Composite trimming method has electrolytic EDM composite finishing method, mechanical chemical composite finishing method, the finishing effect is better, but the system is more complex, so sintered diamond grinding wheel dressing problem is still not well resolved.