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Brief Analysis Of Grinding Wheel Installation And Adjustment Skills
Jun 27, 2017

The following points should be noted during installation:

1, before clamping should carry on the sound examination. Lifting the wheel with a rope, tapping the grinding wheel, sound should be crisp, no vibrato or noise;

2, two flange diameter must be equal, so that the grinding wheel is not subjected to bending stress and lead to rupture. The minimum diameter of the flange shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel, and shall not be less than 2/3 in case of no shield;

3, the grinding wheel and flange must put rubber, blankets and other elastic materials to increase contact surface, so that the force evenly. After clamping, after the static balance, the wheel should be tested at the maximum speed 5min before the formal use;

4, Grinding wheel static balance adjustment method using manual operation to adjust the static balance of grinding wheel, must use the balance frame, balance the heart axis and balance block, level instrument and other tools.

After the grinding wheel is installed, it is necessary to close the protective door and then let the grinding wheel empty for 5 minutes before starting work.

Adjustment method:

Step one: Find the bottom point of the center of gravity through the grinding wheel A;

The second step: Make a mark B in the corresponding point on the same diameter as point A.

The third step: Add the balance block C, so that a. b two point position unchanged;