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The Grinding Performance And Advantages Of CBN Grinding Wheel
Oct 14, 2017

CBN grinding wheel performance is very good in the wear-resistant. Its stability is very good, and it has the non-ferrous nature. It has a long cutting state in the processing material and is very sharp. Because the grinding force is relatively small, so the number of heat is small. If the parts life is relatively long, it will be better for the production process. In the processing, CBN grinding wheel is still very convenient. CBN grinding wheel is no need dressing, it can be used directly. But also after a period of time, it can show the greatest efficiency. If there is a slow cutting speed for the diamond grinding wheel, it can be repaired again. Thus the economy is relatively high, and very convenient.

CBN toothed wheels are divided into single and multi-surface, but there will be a relatively high processing accuracy, but the overall efficiency is lower. The cost is also higher. For the multi-surface CBN toothed wheels, the production effect is very good. But relative to the single one, the processing quality is relatively low. When we use CBN toothed wheels, whether it is single or multi-surface can be used ceramic grinding wheel or electroplated grinding wheel to be grinding. The effect is very obvious.

1. CBN grinding wheel can be a rapid cutting and high-speed feed grinding the teeth, will not cause rough phenomena, but will not cause the burn problems.

2. CBN grinding wheel is no need regular dressing and adjustment. It can be got stable performance.

3. CBN grinding wheel life is relatively long. Its grinding performance is very good, can save a lot of time.