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Grinding Of Centerless Grinding Wheels
May 18, 2018

Grinding of centerless grinding wheels

The centerless grinding is a kind of grinding process. It is divided into guide wheel and grinding wheel. The guide wheel is drove the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on shim plate. And the grinding wheel is mainly grinding the workpiece. The centerless grinding wheel is a circle grinding method.

The centerless grinding wheel is composed of three mechanisms: grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and work supporting device. The grinding wheel is used for single grinding in practical applications. The adjusting wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece and the workpiece feed speed is generated. The work supporting device plays the supporting role for this process.

The centerless grinding wheel is one of grinding wheels that installed on a centerless grinding machine. It interacts with the guide wheel and the pallet to form a grinding method. The workpiece is supported by the pallet and then drove by the guide wheel to the pallet side. When the workpiece is rotated by circular motion, the centerless grinding wheels will start to grind it. If you want high surface quality and the accuracy, the grain size of the grinding wheels is also very important. The coarse-grained centerless grinding wheel is often used for rough grinding. For example, process workpieces that are not required high surface quality and the accuracy. Generally, in order to speed up the grinding speed, rough grinding is used for the first machining of workpieces with a large amount of machining, but the workpiece finish is low. The fine-grained centerless grinding wheel can be machining high quality and accuracy workpiece. Although the processing speed is slightly slower, the finish is high. If the selected grain size is appropriate, it can be achieved the mirror effect. Thus choose the centerless grinding wheel is based on the technical process of workpieces, which includes the hardness, the tissue density, the grain size. For grinding different workpieces, cutting fluids are also different. For ordinary iron, we only need to use ordinary cutting fluids. And we need to use kerosene for cold cutting when grinding soft aluminum parts.

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