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Contrast Analysis Of Resin Wheel And Rubber Grinding Wheel
Jun 27, 2017

Resin mixture is a kind of organic binder, which is synthesized by formaldehyde. Its bonding strength is high, can be used in the manufacture of sheet polishing tablets, and because it has a certain degree of elasticity, so it is glued to the polished piece, has a good performance of elastic polishing. Resin Binder poor heat resistance, in the high temperature of their own first burned, sand is easy to fall off, so the polishing tablets from sharp, high grinding efficiency, but the polishing piece is also easy to lose the correct shape. In addition, the polishing piece binder alkali-resistant, in alkaline cutting fluid, will speed up the wear of the polishing piece, and the humid environment will make the strength of the polishing plate, so the general resin binder of the polishing tablets should not be stored for more than one years.

Rubber Binder is also an organic binder, made of natural or man-made rubber as the main raw material, its bonding strength is higher than the resin binder, can be used for bonding thinner polishing tablets, the elasticity of high, polishing tablets, especially in the high temperature, rubber binder polishing tablets in small pores, less space, close organization, polishing the shape of good. But the rubber binder heat, oil and moisture resistance is poor, the shelf life of the polishing piece is 2 years.