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What Is Cubic Boron Nitride? What Are The Advantages Of CBN?
Jun 14, 2018

What is cubic boron nitride? What are the advantages of CBN?

Cubic boron nitride is a synthetic superhard material, its hardness is second only to diamond. Cubic boron nitride is synthesized by soft hexagonal boron nitride under high temperature (1500-2100°C) and high pressure (60,000 to 100,000 atmospheres). The shape is generally fine-grained single crystal with a particle size of 60-280. The common color is dark brown or black. Due to different raw materials and synthetic processes, pure is colorless crystals, sometimes white, yellow, purple or brown.

Cubic boron nitride has the following characteristics:

(1) High hardness: The hardness of single crystal cubic boron nitride is HV7300-9000, which is slightly lower than diamonds.

(2) Good heat resistance: The heat resistance of cubic boron nitride is good, and it will not degenerate below 1600°C. But the diamond will be occured the carbonization if exceeds 800°C.

(3) Good chemical inertness: Cubic boron nitride is not easily chemically reacted with iron group metals and other elements, but the diamonds will be reacted with iron to transform into graphite structure at high temperatures.

(4) Good machinability: The polycrystalline tools that are made of cubic boron nitride can be sharpened diamond grinding wheels, which is easy to trim. But the diamond sharpening is very difficult and the efficiency is very low.

The single-crystal cubic boron nitride particles are very small and are mainly used for the manufacture resin bond grinding wheels and grinding heads. For metal cutting tools, it should be used cbn tools.

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.

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