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How To Distinguish The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cubic Boron Nitride Tools
May 10, 2018

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cubic boron nitride tools


The most obvious feature of CBN tools is that it can maintain high hardness under high temperature environment. It is mainly used to process iron parts, and also widely uses in industrial production. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cubic boron nitride tools? Let us explain to you from two aspects today:

First, judge from the usage. High-quality cubic boron nitride tools have two major characteristics: 1. Good shock resistance, especially in the roughing field. No tipping and breaking are the most basic guarantee for the safety of cubic boron nitride tools. 2. With good wear- resistance and high efficiency machining. it can replace cost.

Second, judge from the manufacturing. It mainly includes below aspects: 1, high purity, high purification rate raw materials, reliable and standardized embryo body synthesis process, these two items directly determine the performance of cubic boron nitride tools. 2. Grinding, the grinding technology and precision directly determine the microscopic properties when working. The quality and durability of cubic boron nitride tools will be better than other abrasive tools. 3. Strict inspection methods: In addition to dimensional accuracy and surface quality, in the production process of cubic boron nitride tools, the microscopic defects under the electron microscope is the most likely to produce waste. Microscopic flaws that are not visible to the naked eye at the cutting edge will be caused the chipping holes during the use of the CBN tool, which can easily cause the problem of tool cutters.

The above two points are the most simple and practical method to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cubic boron nitride tools.

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