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Characteristics And Applications Of Diamond Grinding Discs
Nov 30, 2017

What is the diamond grinding disc?

Diamond discs are the disc tools that are used for the grinder. It is made of the disc body and the diamond grinding block. The diamond is coated on the base, and carried out a smooth grinding through the mill high-speed rotation. Generally it is used for grinding marble, granite, ceramic, artificial stone and glass etc., especially it is suitable for the construction of concrete walls in the renovation. And it is also polished the floor partial leveling and decorative plates of marble, granite grinding, chamfering and arc grinding.

2. The features of diamond discs

Diamond grinding disc has fast grinding speed, no scratches, no beating, long service life and other advantages. The characteristics are also uniform particle size, good consolidation strength, good smoothness, excellent sharpness, no beating, cannot afford to line, not sand, wear-resisting.  

3. Diamond wheel characteristics

The characteristics of diamond abrasive tools are high hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance. Therefore, diamond tools in the grinding process become the ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and cemented carbide. It is not only high precision, high efficiency, but also good roughness, less abrasive consumption, long life, and improve working conditions. Therefore, it is widely used in non-metal hard and brittle materials and metals with low iron content which are difficult to be processed by common abrasive tools, such as hard metal, high aluminum porcelain, optical glass, agate gems, semiconductor materials, stone etc.

4. Diamond disc application

Diamond discs are mainly polished gemstone, jade, agalmatolite, crystal, agate, ceramics, handicrafts, and widely used in semiconductor ferrite materials like hard and brittle materials and metal materials. In recent years, it has been used in the electronics, Optical, crystal, handicrafts, crystal lighting, glass products, precision machining and other industries. At the same time, in the shape of carbide materials processing, electrolytic grinding, grinding and grinding centers with diamond drill and other heavy-duty cutting, diamond grinding discs are with good wear resistance, high efficiency, long service life.