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Introduction To The Control And Compensation Technology Of Automatic Dressing Of CNC Diamond Grinding Wheel
Nov 24, 2017

The development of fully automatic CNC grinding technology puts forward high requirements on the automatic dressing capability of diamond grinding wheels. Diamond grinding wheel is an efficient and commonly used. The precision of dressing and auto compensation, stability and automation degree determined the performance of automatic CNC grinding machine, which largely determines the serviceability and the use life.

1. The dressing principle of diamond grinding wheel

Diamond grinding wheel dressing is divided into shaping and sharpening. The former is the micro-cutting of the grinding wheel to ensure the geometry accuracy of the grinding wheel; the latter is that the grinding wheel has been passivated after using a period of time. It needs to sharpen the working layer again to make the diamond stand out. Common diamond dressing methods include online electrolytic dressing, EDM dressing, cup wheel dressing, electrolytic-mechanical finishing and laser dressing. GC cup wheel dressing is easier and easy to operate, but also easier to achieve automate dressing.

In the actual dressing, the bowl-shaped diamond wheel and GC cup grinding wheel will be worked with a staggered fit and uniformly rotated with a linear speed ratio 1: 8. The grinding wheel shaft is fixed; diamond grinding wheel will be trimming feed along the axis. In this way, it will achieve the purpose of sharpening.

2. The automatic trimming control method of diamond grinding wheels

To achieve automatic dressing, the premise is automatic monitoring. Automatic dressing system is that the first one is to process real-time monitoring of the wear status of the wheel in the whole process of grinding. The next step is to set the auto trim interval. According to the size of the processing blade and the material, the grinding volume and the grinding time are also different, so setting the intervals need to consider the various factors.

By counting the number of grinding wheels, compare it in real time with the trim interval. When the grinding number reaches the set number of dressing intervals, the NC program will automatically invoke the dressing module to achieve automatic dressing of the grinding wheel. After the trimming is completed, it will output the compensation value.

3. The compensation method of dressing diamond wheel

After dressing the grinding wheel, the abrasive will be getting thinner. And the actual contact area of the wheel is also changed. If used the pre-trimmed parameters, it will destroy the consistency of the wheel size, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the workpieces. Therefore, it is very necessary to compensate the wheel after dressing.

As the hardness and wear resistance of the diamond wheel is better than the GC cup dressing wheel, so the abrasive thickness of the diamond wheel is less reduced than the dressing wheel in a dressing process. Fixing the position of the dressing wheel, the grinding wheel advances along the feeding direction during trimming, and the thickness of the diamond wheel and the dressing wheel will decrease due to the mutual grinding effect. Therefore, the dressing amount should be equal to the reduction amount of diamond wheel and dressing wheel.