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The Development Prospects Of Diamond Grinding Wheels
Dec 13, 2017

What is the status quo and future tendency of the diamond grinding wheel?

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are the most typical superhard materials tools. They are made of diamond or CBN as the abrasive, and combined with the binders and other supporting materials to compress different shapes, properties products.

According to the type of binders, diamond and CBN wheels can be divided into metal binder, ceramic binder, and resin binder.

With the development of superhard material tool technology, the machinable object almost covers all the known materials. It greatly improves the machining efficiency and processing quality in various mechanical precision machining fields, especially as high speed, precision, numerical control, fine processing and other advanced manufacturing technology.

Its application has two main areas:

First, the hard and brittle material processing areas, mainly refers to sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, magnetic materials, silicon carbide, refractory materials, glass, geological drilling and other hard and brittle materials;

Second, all kinds of mechanical precision, mainly refers to electronics, machinery, automobiles, new energy and other precision.

According to their different uses, it also can be divided into: diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting blades, diamond drilling bits etc.

The advents of diamond tools have been become one of modern advanced processing methods. It substantially improves the processing efficiency. Diamond grinding wheels are the most effective tools in the magnetic material, sapphire, silicon materials, building ceramics, stone, reinforced concrete and other hard and brittle material.

The production of super-hard materials tools are spreading all over the world. The high levels of manufacturing of grinding tools are mainly in Japan, Germany, the United States and South Korea's. These countries mainly use super-hard materials tools. The amount of other normal abrasive tools has been decreasing year by year. As super hard material products have high efficiency, energy saving, long life, environmental, its efficiency and life expectancy are higher several times than the traditional tools. 

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.


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