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The important parameters of choosing diamond grinding wheels
Sep 29, 2017

When we choose the diamond wheels, there are several points for the selection. The first is the hardness of diamond grinding wheels. The hardness means the degree of difficulty that the diamond powder on the surface of grinding wheels fall off under the grinding force. If the hardness of the diamond wheel is soft, it means that the diamond powder is very easy to fall off. And if the hardness of the diamond grinding wheel is hard, then it means that the abrasive grains are more difficult to fall off. It is important to note that the hardness of the diamond wheel and the hardness of the abrasive are two completely different concepts.

In general, the same diamond abrasive can be made into different hardness of the diamond wheels. This is mainly determined as per the performance of the binder, the quantity and manufacturing technology of diamond grinding wheels. The significant difference of grinding and cutting is that the diamond wheel it has a "self-sharpening". When we choose diamond grinding wheel hardness, in fact, it is to choose the self-sharpening. But still hope that the sharp abrasive should not too early to come off.

In the accurate grinding, in order to ensure the precision and roughness, it is recommended to use a slightly hard diamond wheel. And for the poor thermal conductivity materials, they are very easy to burn and crack (such as grinding carbide, etc.), then the diamond wheels need to be softer.

Another one is the structure of diamond grinding wheel. The diamond grinding wheel structure refers to the proportional relation of the binder, abrasive and the pores. It is usually graded as the percentage of the volume of the grinding wheel. Diamond wheel has three main structural states: close, medium, loose. Subdivided into 0-14, a total is 15 grades. Generally speaking, the smaller structure number, then the greater proportion of abrasive particles. So the diamond wheel will be closely; and vice versa.