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How To Choose Diamond Grinding Wheels?
Oct 13, 2017

Diamond grinding wheel is used a diamond abrasive as raw materials, and metal powder, resin powder, vitrified powder and electroplating metal as a binder to made the circular abrasive tools. So, how to choose the diamond wheels? We will introduce you some selection methods:

1. The bonding strength of resin bond diamond wheel is weak, so the self-sharpening can be good in grinding process. It is not easy to plug, high grinding efficiency, grinding, less grinding force, lower temperature. The disadvantages are its poor wear resistance, larger wear, and it is not suitable for heavy duty grinding.

2. The wear resistance of ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel is better than the resin bond one. It has good cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, less thermal expansion, and not easy to heat and plug. As the same time, it is easy to control accuracy. The disadvantages are that the grinding surface is rougher, and the cost is more expensive.

3. Metal binder diamond grinding wheel has high strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long life and low grinding costs. It can withstand greater load, but the self-sharpening is not good, and easy to plug.

4. Diamond grain size will be affected the blockage and cutting the amount. Compare the coarse grit and fine grit, large abrasive grain cuts deeper, the wear will be increased. The wheel will be easy to plug.

5. The hardness of the wheel is a factor to cause the block. High hardness wheel has high thermal conductivity. It is not conducive to surface dissipation, but it helps to improve the processing accuracy and durability.

6. Concentration selection is an important feature. It has a great impact on grinding efficiency and processing costs. The concentration is too low, it will be affected the efficiency. If the concentration is too high, the abrasive will be easy to fall off.