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How To Improve The Mechanical Strength Of Diamond Grinding Wheels?
Dec 28, 2017

In order to improve the heat resistance and mechanical strength of the phenolic resin binder in the diamond grinding wheels, adding various fillers to achieve the purpose of modifying the phenolic resin during the preparation of the resin grinding tool. For example, adding copper powder can be improved the heat resistance; adding zinc oxide, chromium oxide and other substances can be improved the mechanical strength; adding flake graphite, molybdenum disulfide and other soft materials to improve the grinding performance of resin bond grinding wheels. However, the most effective way to improve the properties of phenolic resins is to add organic modifiers. Because organic materials are more compatible with phenolic resins in terms of material structure and surface properties than inorganic ones.

Polyimide resin is the best heat-resistant resin binder. The preparation of diamond grinding wheel for the first time in the United States was made with polyimide resin. Then it widely used around the world. The biggest feature is the good heat stability, can be used at 250 for a long time. The durability is much higher than the phenolic resin bond grinding wheel. It often used in superabrasive grinding wheel. Epoxy resin has good water resistance and strong adhesion, but its heat resistance is lower. In the abrasive preparation process, it is usually mixed with phenolic resin or polyimide resin, etc. On the basis of not reducing heat resistance of materials, the bond strength of the resin binder can be improved. Polyurethane resin also has low heat resistance, but its abrasive strength is greater, generally suitable for light grinding.

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