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Diamond Powder Types And Applications
Dec 05, 2017

Diamond powder is consisting of nanocrystalline micron and sub-micron polycrystalline. As the polycrystalline has the characteristics of isotropy, no cleavage surface, good impact resistance, high bending strength, so it has both the hardness of super-hard materials and extraordinary high strength and high toughness of nanomaterials. It widely used in the high-tech industries and traditional pillar industries.

1. Single crystal diamond powder.

Crystal shape is regular, complete six – Octahedron. It has high strength, toughness and good thermal stability, strong impact resistance. And it is suitable for manufacturing electroplating products, grinding wheel; also for polishing high-grade stone, sculpture, car glass, high-grade furniture, ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials.

2. Nano-diamond powder.

Nano-technology is a new technology that emerged after the 1990s. The size is nano-meter, which consists of one billionth of a meter of diamond particles. It is composed the new materials in recent years. It not only has the inherent characteristics of diamond, but also has a small size effect, large surface area effect, quantum size effect, which shows the characteristics of nano-materials. The synthetic diamond has a cubic structure with a lattice constant of (0.3562 + 0.0003) nm, a crystal density of 3.1 g / cm3 and a specific surface area of 300 m2 / g to 390 m2 / g. After different chemical treatment, the diamond surface can be formed a variety of different functional groups. This diamond crystal has a high adsorption capacity.

3. Application

1. Make diamond abrasive paste and diamond compound. It is for ultra-fine processing of quartz, optical glass, semiconductors, alloys and metal surfaces, and can effectively improve the processing accuracy.

2. Make the preparation of catalyst. Synthetic nano diamond and amorphous carbon has a large specific surface area, and contains a wide range of surface functional groups and highly activity. Use diamond as the preparation of catalysts can be increased the activity to promote the organic compounds interaction.