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Five Ways To Extend Diamond Tools Life And Improve The Effect
Aug 29, 2017

First, the full cooling, the appropriate processing line speed, effective chip breaking, a reasonable tool wrap angle is very effective for the control of the tip temperature. For CNC machines and tools with internal cooling, the best-in-temperature cooling function should be used as far as possible in order to allow a high pressure water flow to remove large amounts of cutting heat to ensure that the processing area remains within a certain temperature range. Even if there is no internal cooling function, it is also recommended to use the internal cooling function by outside pressure to cool down the handle, and enhancing the cooling pressure to improve the cooling effect.

Second, the appropriate control of the cutting force and cutting speed of the tool, it is also reduce the processing area temperature and extend the life of diamond tools. Usually for difficult cutting material, it is generally used fine grinding tool edge, a smaller cutting depth and cutting width. It is important to choose a reasonable cutting line speed depending on factors, such as difficult cutting material, parts structures and processing equipment. In the usual processing of nickel-based alloy, the speed should be controlled at 20 ~ 50m / min. Titanium should be controlled at 30 ~ 110m / min, PH stainless steel should be controlled at 50 ~ 120m / min.

Third, for the same machine tools and parts, the method of processing difficult materials can be greatly affected the processing efficiency and tool life. Whether it is used cycloid processing, spiral interpolation and milling ways, the purpose is to reduce the cutting force and the cutting zone temperature.

Fourth, to ensure the processing chip breaking, it is also an effective way to control the temperature rise. Generally, a large amount of cutting heat is generated on the chip in the metal processing. The large amount of cutting heat will be taken away by the chips. Often we do not want long chips to be produced during processing. For the processing of difficult materials, it should pay attention to, especially for the roughing process, avoid causing the chip breaking.

Fifth, in the processing it should maintain the appropriate effective tool wrap angle, making the tool for each effective processing tooth to maximize the maximum cooling time. It is very important to improve the cutting efficiency of the difficult materials and prolong the working life. The effective angle of the tool is reflected in the cutting parameters. It has a direct relationship with the cutting depth Ap and the cutting width Ae and the tool diameter Dc. Especially in the processing of difficult cutting materials, we should try to avoid full knife cutting. In actual machining, the cutting angle of the tool is doubled and the tool life is shorter about 30%.