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How To Choose The Right Diamond And CBN Wheel? (2)
Dec 22, 2017

The abrasive selection

It must be pointed out that the abrasive has different grades due to different manufacturing processes and the crystal morphology. And the particle shape is also different, but also different strength, thermal stability and crushing properties. It should be based on the type of binder, grinding workpiece materials and grinding methods to choose the suitable abrasive. For example, ceramic bonded grinding wheels for high efficiency and high precision grinding should be choose the abrasives with high strength and sharp particle shape, such as PDA type (synthetic diamond) and ABN800 (CBN) manufactured by DeBeers, or other similar performance Grade.

The surface of the super-hard abrasive has plated metal clothing (metal coating can play a role in strengthening and toughening, to reduce the thermal shock and abrasive particles and the binding agent between the bridge. Also it can improve the performance of the wheel) and non-plated metal coat. It should be chose as per the type of binder, the workpiece material, dry grinding and wet grinding and other conditions. Dry grinding generally uses cu-coated abrasive, such as RVD-Cu, CBN-Cu. Wet grinding uses the nickel-coated abrasive, such as RVD-Ni, CBN-Ni. At present, the coating metal has been developed from nickel and copper to titanium, tungsten alloy, non-metallic ceramic, etc., from a single coating to the composite coating, and also has been developed from wear abrasive powder coating.

The concentration selection

The concentration of super abrasive grinding wheel cannot be selected too low. High concentration can bring high grinding ratio. Currently, high-speed and high-efficiency grinding are used at higher concentrations. Ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel for high effective grinding are used at higher concentrations, the concentration is more than 125%.For imported ceramic CBN wheel, and the concentrations are generally 175% to 200%.

The hardness selection

The hardness level of the grinding wheel indicates the power of the binding agent on the abrasive holding force. The hardness uniformity and stability are an important condition to ensure the grinding quality. Foreign superhard abrasive wheels generally have 3 to 7 hardness levels to choose from.

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