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The Important Factor Of Selecting Diamond Wheel In High Efficient Tooling
Jan 20, 2018

The important factor of selecting diamond wheel in high efficient tooling

In grinding high-efficiency tools, when confirm the cutter material, structure and shape, as well as grinder selection, the wheel becomes an important factor of processing effect. The level of grinding wheel technology and the quality decided whether the production can meet the design requirements of high-quality cutters.

Advanced and efficient cutting tool is one of the important factors in the manufacturing industry to improve processing productivity and product surface quality. In the high-end CNC machining center, you can use a high-performance composite tool to replace more than a single function of the tool, in accordance with the processing procedures for the automatic processing of complex shapes of the workpieces, which improve the production efficiency, surface quality and reduce production costs. Statistics show that the use of advanced and efficient tool can significantly improve the cutting efficiency, it is possible to reduce parts production costs by 10% -15%. Even if the purchase of advanced and efficient tool costs increased by 50%, reflected in the parts production costs only is about 1%, that is the increase of tool cost is far lower than the decrease of production cost. At the same time, advanced and efficient tool also has reduced the tool change time, improve product quality and other benefits. Therefore, comprehensive consideration, the use of advanced and efficient tool improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs. Research and development and the application of new advanced and efficient tool is one of the trends of developing machining in the future.

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.

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