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The Description Of The Diamond Wheel Spindle
Oct 27, 2017

The spindle rapid feed speed of screw grinders is instable, common reasons are that the nut on the horizontal feed screw tip positioning surface is loose; quick positioning shock is large; and horizontal rail lubrication is poor; horizontal movement friction torque increases, horizontal feed makes the rolling bearing damage; hydraulic brake system doesn’t work.

The main solution of the diamond grinding wheel spindle rapid feed instability is that should fasten the positioning nut, adjust the positioning screw between the shaft distance; change the surface size of horizontal feed screw tip positioning, so that the fast cylinder buffer function plays the role of cleaning; and re-adjust the four-point pressure lubrication stabilizer, so that the grinding wheel carriage has four-point uniform trace: 0.01-0.02mm from the floating volume; replace the new bearings, check and clean the cylinder pressure valve or replace the new pressure valve, the system adjust the pressure as per the system.