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How Does The Diamond Wheel Judge Its Life During Grinding Process?
Nov 01, 2017

In the grinding process, due to the grinding wheel wear, it will be constantly changed the state of the grinding wheel surface. After using a long time, the cutting capacity of grinding wheels will be decreased. A variety of grinding defects continue to occur so that grinding wheels cannot be used.

Therefore, you must repair the grinding wheel to return the normal grinding state. The actual grinding time between two finishing is called the life of grinding wheel is called the life of the wheel. The life of the grinding wheel is an important factor of affecting the grinding effect, especially for forming grinding. Determine the wheel life is generally based on grinding wheel surface after the wear that caused by a variety of phenomena, observe and test the grinding wheels.

There are the grinding phenomena after the wear:

In the grinding process, it causes self-excited vibration. The workpiece surface will appear the regeneration vibration ripples;

The increase of grinding noise;

The surface of the workpieces burns;

Grinding force sharply increased or decreased;

Grinding accuracy decreased;

Grinding surface roughness increased.

These phenomena are not independent, and every phenomenon is relevant. Particular attention is paid to the thermal damage of the workpiece surface because of the high grinding temperature and the decrease in roughness and accuracy because of self-excited vibration.