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Dressing Method Of Grinding Wheels
Oct 23, 2018

The dressing methods of abrasive grinding wheels are generally done by turning, using diamond rollers, grinding and rolling etc.


1, Turning dressing method: single-grain diamond abrasive grinding wheels(or diamond-shaped pen made of fine-cut diamond, diamond dressing block) as the tool turning wheel, are the most common dressing method. The diamond cutter mounted on the tool holder is usually inclined by about 5° to 15° in both the vertical and horizontal directions; the contact point between the diamond and the grinding wheel should be 0.5 to 2 mm below the axis of the grinding wheel, and the diamond  is evenly given with low-speed feed at the time of dressing. . The smaller the surface roughness after grinding is, the lower the feed rate should be. To achieve a surface roughness of Ra 0.16 to 0.04 μm, the dressing feed rate should be less than 50 mm/min. The total amount of trimming is generally about 0.1 mm on one side, and is reciprocally trimmed several times. The rough cut depth is 0.01 to 0.03 mm each time, and the finishing is less than 0.01 mm.


2, diamond roller dressing method: using a plating or powder metallurgy method to insert a large number of diamond particles on the surface of the steel roller made of diamond roller (Figure 2), rotating at a certain speed (to reduce the relative speed of the roller and the grinding wheel), The surface of the grinding wheel that rotates at high speed produces grinding and rolling, so that the grinding wheel obtains a sharp working surface that matches the shape of the roller. Diamond wheels are complex to manufacture and costly, but they are durable and have high dressing efficiency. They are suitable for dressing grinding wheels for special forming surfaces (such as threads, gears and turbine blade teeth) in mass production.


3, Grinding and dressing with grinding wheels method: the ultra-hard-gradediamond tool grinding wheels with low-speed rotation and the high-speed rotating grinding wheel are used to achieve the purpose of dressing.


4, Rolling dressing method: the use of carbide discs, a set of wavy white iron discs or grooved hardened steel sheet set of rollers, and grinding wheel rolling and extrusion trimming. The roller is generally mounted on the dressing fixture for manual operation, and the dressing efficiency is high, which is suitable for the dressing of the coarse grinding wheel.

In precision grinding, in order to obtain lower surface roughness values, special dressing methods such as whetstone trimming are often used.

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