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Knowledge Of Electroplated Internal Diamond Grinding Wheel
Aug 29, 2017

1. For grinding hole, it can only use a smaller diameter of the diamond grinding wheel because of the workpiece aperture restrictions. The wheel with small diameter is easy blunt, and need to often dressing and replacement so that affect the production efficiency. The reason why the small diameter electroplating wheel is easy to become blunt is that the number of times, which the abrasive grains participate in the cutting of the unit, is greatly increased. For example, the diameter of the general cylindrical grinding wheel is about 400 mm, and the diameter of internal grinding wheel is only 20 to 40 mm or less. If the line speed is the same, the speed of internal grinding wheel will be faster 10 to 20 times than the cylindrical grinding wheel. In other words, in the unit time diamond grains to participate in cutting process, the number of cutting is increased 10 to 20 times than the cylindrical grinding wheel. Thus it is easy to become blunt.

2. Due to the smaller diameter of the diamond grinding wheel and the rotate speed (now the internal grinding wheel speed is in the 10000 ~ 20000 r / min), it is often difficult to achieve the normal grinding Speed (30 ~ 50 m / s) when grind the hole. For example, the electroplated diamond grinding wheel of 20 mm diameter grinds the inner hole within the 20000 r / min speed, its line speed is only 21 m / s. When the wheel diameter is smaller, the line speed is even lower. As line speed of grinding wheel is lower, it is not easy to improve the grinding surface finish, while grinding efficiency is also lower.

 3. The diameter of electroplated diamond wheel shaft is limited by the pore size, and the length of the suspension is larger, so the rigidity is very poor. It is easy to cause bending deformation and vibration so that it is hard to control the processing accuracy and Surface finish, but also limit the amount of grinding workpiece.

 4. The contact area of internal grinding wheel with the workpiece is larger than the grinding of the cylindrical grinding wheel, so the grinding force and heat value are large. On the other hand, because the coolant is not easy to enter the hole, it is difficult to pour directly into the grinding area. The cooling conditions are poor, and the grinding temperature is higher.

 5. The removal of debris is more difficult when grind the hole, wear debris will be gathered in the hole. Thus it is easy to make the electroplated wheel clogged. In particular, grinding cast iron, brass and other brittle materials, after mixing the powder of debris and coolant, it becomes a paste. Then it will be easier to affect the grinding wheel performance.