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Safety Operation Regulations Of Grinding Machine
Apr 27, 2018

Safety Operation Regulations Of Grinding Machine


For the grinder of electroplating grinding wheels, whats the operation regulations?

 1. The grinding wheel must not be equipped with a reverse switch. The direction of placement should not be opposite to the main channel.

 2. The workpiece bracket must be firmly installed, and the bracket plane should be flat.

3. The worker should stand on the side of the wheel when operate. Two people are not allowed to use a single wheel at the same time.

 4. The grinding wheel is not round, or there are cracks and wear remaining less than 25MM, it is not allowed to use.

5. The power cord of hand-held electric grinding wheel must not be broken or leaked. Wear insulated gloves when using it. Contact the workpiece first after starting and set the electric gate with leakage protection switch.

When the first batch of abrasive particles contact or the end face of the CBN grinding wheel contacts with the workpiece, there are three parts of the abrasive particles that are in contact, namely the cutting abrasives. It is the pressed abrasives and the abrasives that only act as frictional role. The fourth part of the abrasive is outside the cutting line. They do not participate in the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece during the grinding process. The cutting kinetics of a single abrasive grain and an integral grinding wheel is characterized by the ratio of the traction force to the radial force.

The grinding process is between pure cutting and sliding friction, and the grinding coefficient is determined by the contact area and friction coefficient between the grinding tool and the workpiece material. When the CBN grain size decreases, the number of the organization and the porosity increase, the friction coefficient will be decreased. And the grinding coefficient will be changed with the cutting depth, the composition of the cooling lubricant and the performance of the workpiece material.

When the contact area between the abrasive and the metal is reduced, the speed of radial component force is faster than the tangential component force, and it will be sharply increased and then decreased, then start to cut metal material.