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How To Analyze The Size And Accuracy Of Electroplated Grinding Wheel
May 23, 2018

How to analyze the size and accuracy of electroplated grinding wheel

The main difference between the resin diamond grinding wheel and the electroplated grinding wheel is the bonding agent. The resin diamond grinding wheel is mainly used the phenolic resin and add a small amount of metal powder as the bonding agent. The electroplated diamond grinding wheel is a kind of production process which deposits nickel-cobalt alloy on the surface of metal base and then fixed diamond powder by electrodeposition. Their main difference in performance is as below:

1. Processing efficiency. As the electroplated grinding wheel uses a high grade of diamond powder or CBN and only has one layer of abrasive, the thermal performance will be better. Thus it has higher processing efficiency.

2.  The service life. The electroplated grinding wheels only have one layer of abrasive, so the service life of electroplated grinding wheel will be inferior to resin diamond grinding wheel.

3. The processing accuracy. For the surface roughness of the workpiece, if use the same grain size, the surface roughness of the resin bond grinding wheels will be better than electroplated grinding wheel.

Usually in the production of grinding wheel, the data of size and precision largely will determined if the grinding wheels is easy to process the workpieces or remove the final products.

1. For requiring better accurate concentricity, the electroplating wheel should be formed in the mold. Otherwise, the concentricity data will not be true due to inaccurate matched-die molding.

2. The projection area of electroplated grinding wheel should be reduced on the parting surface.

3. When open the mold, the plastic part should be stayed in the mold, this will make the wheel release easily from the mold.

4. We should try to avoid the side of the core pulling mechanism. If you can not avoid it, then should be shorten the core pulling asap.

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