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The Advantages Of Electroplated Grinding Wheel
Sep 15, 2017

There are many types of grinding wheels. Its advantages are not the same. What are the advantages of electroplated grinding wheel?

1. High hardness

Electroplated grinding wheel is usually used nickel or nickel-cobalt alloy as a binder. Since the electroplating metal bonding has a high hardness, coupled with the organization of dense and strong binding, the overall hardness of the working layer was significantly higher than the bronze grinding wheel and resin bond grinding wheel.

2. The lowest porosity

The porosity of traditional sintered grinding wheel is often up to several tens of percent. Although the resin binder and bronze binder is relatively close, it is commonly used a few percent of porosity. However the electroplating products have the lowest porosity, almost near zero, which is the densest one of all abrasive tools structures.

3. The strongest combination

In the electroplated grinding wheels, the metal base near the working layer is most closely mounted in the abrasives and fully contact. The consolidation is most solid. The wheel has the largest holding force. It is allowed plating products to use high concentrations because of the strong binding characteristics. It won’t be lead to diamond fall off.

4. The highest concentration

Powder - shaped grinding wheel, the concentration of abrasive of working layer is generally 50% to 150%. The volume of abrasive is about 10% to 30%. If the abrasive concentration is too high, the abrasive is not strong glue on the base so that the diamond/CBN abrasive is falling off. The concentration of superhard abrasive is very high, usually about 200%. The volume of the abrasive is 50%, and it can even be higher than 65%.