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The Status Quo Of Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheel
Dec 29, 2017

In current production, diamond and CBN abrasive wheels include metal bond grinding wheel, resin bond grinding wheel, ceramic bond grinding wheel and electroplated grinding wheel. They have their own characteristics.


(1) Resin bond grinding wheel: The bonding strength is not high and the dressing is difficult. The wheel has fewer pores, and cannot bear high temperature.


(2) Metal bond grinding wheel: The grinding wheel is made of powder metallurgy. It has the characteristics of high bond strength, less porosity, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity. But it is difficult to dress.


(3) Ceramic bond grinding wheel: it is made by sintering at high temperature, and has high bonding strength, high temperature resistance, and good corrosion resistance. Dressing is easier.

(4) Electroplating grinding Wheel: Electroplating grinding wheel is a new type of grinding wheel that developed in recent years. Its obvious feature is that it does not need to be trimmed with grinding wheels. The exposed height of abrasive grains is high, up to 20% -30%. The grinding performance has been improved than the above three kinds of grinding wheel. The electroplating process is simple, and easy to manufacture the grinding wheel, no need to trimming. Single-layer structure determines that it can reach the high speed that other grinding wheels cannot. For example, electroplating CBN wheel can be achieved high-speed, ultra-high speed grinding, and its line speed can be 200,250 up to 500m/s. These advantages of electroplated grinding wheel make it set up an extremely important position in the production, also occupying a dominant position in high-speed and ultra-high-speed grinding.

With the widespread use of electroplated grinding wheel, some of its own defects are gradually revealed. The most important thing is that the bonding strength is not high, and only a layer of coating diamond on the electroplated grinding wheel. The holding force is not large so that the grinding wheel is easy to wear off in the heavy load of high-efficiency grinding. In order to increase the holding force, the thickness of the coating must be increased.

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