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Grinding Wheel - Cutting Machining
Jan 24, 2018

Grinding wheel - cutting machining

Grinding wheel is the most important type of grinding tools. It is a porous body that made of a binder, which is made by pressing, drying and roasting. Due to the abrasive, binder and manufacturing processes is different, the characteristics of the grinding wheel are very different, so it has a significant impact on the quality, productivity and economy in grinding. The characteristics of the abrasive wheel is mainly determined by the abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, texture, shape and size.

1. As the abrasive wheel has a high hardness and heat resistance, which can be processed high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, carbide and so on.

2. The radial force is great in grinding, it will create an elastic concession for the machine-grinding wheel-workpiece system. Therefore, the grinding should be stopped without feeding to eliminate the error when the grinding is close to finishing. 

3. The grinding wheel and grinding machine characteristics determine that the grinding system can be made the average micro-cutting, the general ap = 0.001 ~ 0.005mm. The grinding speed is high, the general accessibility v = 30 ~ 50m / s. Therefore, the use of hydraulic can achieve high machining accuracy (IT6 ~ IT5) and small surface roughness (Ra = 0.8 ~ 0.2μm) economically. Grinding is one of the main parts finishing.

4. Violent friction will be made the grinding zone temperature is high so that create the stress and distortion of the workpiece, which burn the workpiece. Therefore, a large amount of coolant must be injected to reduce the grinding temperature. Coolant can also play the role of chip and smooth.

5. Self-sharpening means that the grinding force increases, causing the abrasive breaks or fall to make it re-expose the sharp edge. Self-sharpening enables the grinding to stop normally within a certain period of time. However, after a certain working time, the manual trimming should be stopped to avoid vibration, noise and damage to the appearance of the workpiece because of the increasing grinding force.

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