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How To Improve The Roughness Of Grinding Workpiece Surface
Mar 30, 2018

How to improve the roughness of grinding workpiece surface

We usually will improved from several aspects, such as the technology, the selection of diamond pens and grinding wheels. To some degree, it will improve the roughness of the workpiece surface.

In terms of technology, when the roughness of the workpiece cannot meet our requirement, the grinding wheel can be tried to increase the speed of the grinding wheel within the range of the rotational speed. On the other hand, you can try to reduce the grinding speed of the workpiece. This is to increase the relative speed of the grinding wheel and the workpiece.

When the effect of this method is not ideal, it is also possible to reduce the longitudinal feed, then reduce the strength of the grinding wheel. This can be prevented the wheel from extensive burns. In the working process, the flow of cutting fluid and coolant should be controlled, and need to use clean the cutting fluid and coolant to reduce the clogging of grinding wheel pores.

After improving the technology, it still didn’t meet the workpiece roughness. Then, it is necessary to adjust the balance quality of the grinder and the rotation precision of the machine principal axis, and reduce the vibration during grinding.

Secondly, the selection of diamond pens. For dressing grinding wheel, it usually chooses a good wear-resistant diamond pen. suitable edge shape and installation angle can make the abrasive cutting edge achieve a good contour and reduce the surface roughness.

Finally, the choice of grinding wheel: choose the appropriate grinding wheel to grind the workpieces. When the workpiece material is soft and sticky, should choose the harder abrasive tools; Choose softer abrasive tools when hard and brittle. Use a grinding wheel with a larger diameter of the grinding wheel and increase the width of the grinding wheel or choose finer grain size, these measurements can be reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. 

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