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What Effect Does The CBN Grinding Wheel Have On The Cutter Accuracy?
May 11, 2018

What effect does the CBN grinding wheel have on the cutter accuracy?


All the parameters of the cutters are determined by the relative motion of the grinding wheel and the tools. Therefore, the diameter of the grinding wheel, the cutting angle, the flange length of the grinding wheel shaft, the grinding wheel wear, and the grain size all will be affected the tools accuracy.

Inaccurate diameter measurement may result in: the outer diameter of the tools does not match the requirements; the width of the edge does not conform to the requirements; the groove shape and depth do not match; the stepped portion cannot be cleared or the root is too deep.

The grinding wheel angle measurement or inaccurate input may cause: Blade width is not consistent with the requirements; step surface angle for the ladder tools does not meet the requirements; the back angle position or angle will be incorrect; the groove angle of  chip flutes will have error and so on.

The inaccurate flange distance measurement will be affected the grinding point where the grinding wheel actually participates in grinding will change, and the above problems will also occur.

After using the grinding wheel for a certain of time, it will have some amount of wear. If still continue to use the wear grinding wheel, the actual grinding point of the grinding wheel has been changed, which will directly affect the geometric accuracy of the tools. The tool's land width, groove shape and depth, the step angle and the position of the back face do not meet the requirements.

The grain size of the grinding wheel will directly affect the surface roughness of the tools. As the slender rod-shaped tool is usually processed in a single-grinding process, and the same grinding wheel is used for the rough and fine grinding. Thus we will choose the harder grinding wheel with a larger grain size to improve the surface roughness.

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