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Are There Any Measures To Reduce The Surface Roughness Of CBN Grinding Wheels?
Jun 08, 2018

Are there any measures to reduce the surface roughness of CBN grinding wheels?

For grinding low roughness surface, it not only requires the movement accuracy of grinding machines, but also has some requirements for the characteristics of the CBN grinding wheel.

(1) Requirements for grinding machines

1. Improve the rigidity of the machine. It mainly improve the contact rigidity of the guide rail through technical transformation and appropriately increase the friction damping effect of the guide rail to increase the anti-vibration capability.

2. Reduce the vibration of grinding machines. There are many sources of the vibration and cannot eliminate all vibrations. However, we must eliminate the vibration sources that affect machines, such as the static balance of the grinding wheel, vibration damping of the motor.

3. Improve the spindle rotation accuracy and bearing rigidity of CBN grinding wheel.

4. Reduce the speed of the table to meet the requirements of dressing grinding wheels. In low-roughness grinding process, the dressing speed is 0.015-0.02 mm/r, which requires the table to move at a speed of 15-20 mm/min.

5. Improve the cleanliness of the coolant.

(2) Requirements for the characteristics of the grinding wheel

1.Use abrasives with good grinding properties, such as diamond, cubic boron nitride, and new corundum abrasives.

2. When the workpiece can not meet the requirements, it should choose a fine grit CBN grinding wheel. W20-W40 grit can be achieved a mirror finish.

3 Adding some filling agents in the resin binder that can make the CBN grinding wheel have the function of polishing and lubricating. The surface roughness of the workpieces reaches 0.025-0.01mm after grinding.

4. Immerse the mixture of stearic acid and fatty acid in the CBN grinding wheel, it can be lubricated and polished. In wet grinding conditions, the surface roughness can be reduced.

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