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Reasons And Solutions Of The Breakage Of Grinding Wheel (Part 1)
Sep 22, 2017

Grinding wheel broke in the use process. Many people will be attributed to the manufacturers. They will think that it is because of quantity problem. In fact, the breakage of the wheel is caused by many reasons. The quality is one of reasons. It is also related to the storage, transportation and use methods. Now we introduce the specific reasons for the grinding wheel breakage and solutions:

1. The breakage by the cracking of grinding wheels

Question 1: When the wheel hole is small or the shaft is large, it will be broken if install.

Solution: Grinding wheel hole and shaft need to be able to fit smoothly, cannot use the force to install on the machines.

Question 2: The flange support is not uniform (flange bending will be cause uneven surface of grinding wheels; flange glitches).

Solution: Grinding wheel flange on both sides need to be finished into the correct and smooth size. The grinding wheel can be accurately processed a part of workpiece. And the lead hole cannot protrude out of the surface.

Question 3: The nut tightening force is too large

Solution: The large nut tightening force of the flange will make the flange torsion, so that the local force of the wheel is huge when the wheels are working. It should be appropriate to fasten.

2. The liner speed is too fast.

Problem: The rotate speed of grinding wheel shaft is too fast; the diameter of grinding wheel is larger than the wheels used in the past.

Solution: Change the rotate speed of the wheel shaft so that remain it within the maximum speed range or use small diameter wheels.

3. The wheel is not imbalance in use.

Question 1: The manufacturer didn’t check the balance of the wheels.

Solution: Recalibrate the balance on the balance shelf.

Question 2: The grinding wheel contains part of the water.

Solution: The grinding surface is idling when the water is stopped.

4. The wheel strength is small.

When use the side of the grinding wheel, the use surface is specified. It is forbidden to use other sides.