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The Using Tips Of Grinding Machine Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
Oct 19, 2017

For the grinding of superhard abrasive of grinding wheels, especially high-speed grinding, it requires good processing stability, small vibration, high linear speed. Therefore, there are the requirements for grinders:

(1) The spindle rotation accuracy of diamond grinding wheel need to be higher.

(2) The grinder stiffness needs to be better, generally require about 50% higher than ordinary grinder. It usually should not be less than 100N / μm.

(3) The feed system accuracy need to be higher, the feed speed should be uniform and correct. The minimum vertical feed speed should be 0.3m / min, horizontal feed (depth) should reach 0.001 ~ 0.002mm / single trip to ensure dimensional accuracy, geometric shape accuracy and surface roughness.

(4) For the grinder moving parts, such as the head frame spindle and bearing parts, the movement of feed should be a reliable seal to prevent super-hard abrasive to accelerate the wear of parts.

(5) It should have a more complete grinding fluid filtration and supply system. The filtration accuracy should be less than 0.5μm.

(6) The grinder parts should have the corresponding anti-vibration and vibration isolation measures. Diamond grinding wheels should be fine dynamic balance.