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Do Not Exceed The Rated Speed When The Grinding Wheel Is Running
Mar 22, 2018

Do not exceed the rated speed when the grinding wheel is running

Grinding wheels will be caused serious injuries during grinding when run at extremely high operating speeds. When the grinding wheel speed is higher than the rated maximum speed, it is likely to break in a few minutes. And if the grinding wheel is running at a speed slightly higher than the rated speed, pigtails may also be produced. This is not very serious overspeed, which wont damage the wheels quickly. But this damage may lead to the fragmentation after further use.

The following actions may also cause an overspeed condition:

1. Mount on a sander, such as pneumatic sander;

2. Install a grinding wheel directly on the electrical machines;

3. Install the incorrect dimension grinding wheel on the grinder ;

4. Does not properly maintain the machine components, especially the controller on the pneumatic machine and the connection mechanism on the floor-type machine;

5. Use the improper gas source, hydraulic source or power supply;

6. Use improperly speed of machines.

To sum up, do not run beyond the rated speed of the grinding wheel. Please compare the speed of the grinding machine with the speed marked on the grinding wheel or package to ensure that the speed of the machine tool is equal to or lower than the maximum operating speed of the grinding wheel. Exceeding this rating, it will not only cause the wheel to break, but also endanger the personal safety.

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