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Reasons And Solutions Of The Breakage Of Grinding Wheel (Part 2)
Sep 23, 2017

Yesterday, we learned about some of the breakage reasons for the use of grinding wheel and the solution. Today, we continue to learn the rest of the content.

5. Didn’t check the grinding machine carefully before using or the machine tool is not appropriate.

Question 1: The bearing is loose; the spindle is bending; and the accuracy of grinding machine will be significantly lower.

Solution: Check and repair the grinder, and improve its accuracy.

Question 2: The diameter of the wheel shaft is too small.

Solution: Use the suitable shaft to fit the grinding wheels.

Question 3: rough grinding or incorrect operation

Solution: According to the guidance of skilled operators or operation manual, use the grinding wheels.

6. Use an inappropriate grinding wheel for side grinding.

It is necessary to use a suitable grinding wheel (bowl-shaped grinding wheel, etc.) for side grinding.

7. The qualitative changes.

Question: When meet the situation of a flood or fire, the resin bond and the rubber binder grinding wheels will be caused qualitative changes.

Solution: Confirm the path of the grinding wheel and the correct storage. And consider the manufacture date, strictly checking before the use.

8. Irregular damage.

Question: The quality of the grinding wheel is not good; the grinding wheel is destroyed by other heavy pieces; the grinding wheel is installed incorrectly.

Solution: Ensure product quality; strictly prohibit heavy pressure on the wheel; the installation should be correct.