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How To Use Diamond Tools To Process Jade?
Nov 23, 2018

The jadeite has a high hardness, but as long as there is a diamond or synthetic diamond tool plus speed, it can be freely engraved.  But polishing and polishing to radiance is not simple.

There are three basic processes:

a. Rough grinding . using (1000-2000 mesh) diamond powder to make various shapes of tools carefully polish lens  to smooth.

b. Fine grinding . using (1600-1800 mesh) diamond powder with the above method to polish lens to smooth and shiny.

c. On the bright .  use the half-done cowhide with polishing powder (2800-3000 mesh diamond powder) repeatedly rubbing, so that the jade products inside and outside the gloss bright.

d. Wax . Wax is used for waterproofing and anti-dirt contamination.

JR company specializes in diamond and CBN tools, including resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond and electroplated grinding wheel.

vitrified bond grinding wheel:

Resin bond grinding wheel:

Electroplated grinding wheel:

Metal bond grinding wheel: