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Maintenance Method Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
Jan 05, 2019

1. If the diamond grinding wheel is not used immediately, it should be laid flat or suspended by the inner hole. The other pieces or feet should not be stacked on the flat saw blade, and attention should be paid to moisture and rust.

2. When the diamond grinding wheel is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be repaired in time. Grinding does not change the original angle and destroys the dynamic balance.

3. The inner diameter correction of the diamond grinding wheel and the processing of the positioning hole must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is poor, it will affect the product use effect, and danger may occur. The hole reaming should not exceed the original hole diameter of 20mm in principle, so as not to affect the stress balance.

4. Selection of diamond grinding wheels.

1) The resin bond diamond grinding wheel has weak bonding strength, so the self-sharpening property during grinding can be good, it is not easy to block, the grinding efficiency is high, the grinding force is low, the grinding temperature is low. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is poor, the wear loss of the abrasive is large, and it is not suitable for heavy-duty grinding.
2) Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel is superior to resin bond in abrasion resistance and bonding ability, with sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, low heat and blockage,  low thermal expansion,and easy to control precision.The disadvantage is that the grinding surface is thicker and the cost is higher.

3) Metal bond diamond grinding wheel has high bonding strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long service life, low grinding cost and high load, but poor sharpness and easy blockage.

4) Abrasive grain size has a certain influence on the clogging and cutting amount of the grinding wheel. Compared with the fine sand grain, the coarse sanding grain has a larger wear depth of the cutting edge, and the grinding wheel is easy to block.

5) The hardness of the grinding wheel has a great influence on the blockage. The high hardness of the grinding wheel is not conducive to surface heat dissipation, but beneficial to improve the processing precision and durability.

6) Grinding wheel concentration has a great influence on grinding efficiency and processing cost. If the concentration is too low, the efficiency is affected. On the contrary, the abrasive particles are easy to fall off.  The concentration range should be optimal. 

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