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Difference Between Metal Bond Grinding Wheel And Electroplated Grinding Wheel
Jun 01, 2018

Difference between Metal Bond Grinding Wheel and Electroplated Grinding Wheel

What are the differences between sintered metal bond grinding wheels and electroplated grinding wheels? There are mainly two types of metal binders used in diamond abrasives, sintered metal binders and electroplated metal binders.

1. Sintered metal bond

Sintered metal binders previously used bronze as a binder, and subsequently developed various metal binders such as cobalt-nickel alloys, iron-based alloys, hard alloys etc. The preparation process of metal bonded abrasives tools often adopts powder metallurgy method. Metal powder is mixed with diamond abrasive, and then pressing at a high temperature for a short time or directly adopting a hot pressing process to make grinding wheels. The sintered metal bond  grinding wheels have good formability, thermal conductivity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, long life. And it also can be loaded with heavy load grinding, so the metal bond diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for the coarse and semi-finishing and cutting processes of glass, ceramics, Non-metallic hard and brittle materials, such as stone, semi-conductor materials etc . However, there are also disadvantages in the use of metal bonded diamond abrasive tools. First of all, the metal binder has poor wettability on the surface of the diamond, and the weak bond strength with the diamond abrasive interface, which affects the grinding efficiency of the wheels.

2. Electroplated metal bond

Electroplating process is that makes the metal bond and diamond abrasive deposit on metal substrate surface. The metal layer that precipitated by plating can be coated and controlled diamond abrasive to prevent it fall off, also can combined with metal substrate. The electroplated diamond grinding wheel has the advantages of high strength and grinding efficiency, no need of dressing, and simple preparation technology. However, there are also some disadvantages in electroplated diamond tools. As the diamond abrasives are simply coated in the metal bond, only a layer of diamond on the surface. Therefore the diamond abrasives will be easier to fall off when heavy load grinding, which will affect their grinding accuracy and efficiency. In order to enhance the holding force between the metal binder and the diamond abrasive, it can be increased the thickness of the diamond coating. However, if increase the coating thickness, the grinding wheel will be easy to plug and increase grinding heat that is easy to burn the workpiece surface. Thus the solution is that coat the metal power on the diamond abrasive surface so as to increase the bonding strength between the metal binder and the diamond.

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