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The Plating Principle Of Diamond Wheel
Apr 20, 2018

The plating principle of diamond wheel

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is a commonly used diamond tool made by electrochemical method. The working layer of electroplated diamond grinding wheel contains diamond abrasives, and the diamond/abrasive is bonded to the base by metal bonding agent. What about electroplating theory of grinding wheels? Electroplating method actually is a process of electrolysis chemistry. It adopts electric cathode and anode method. It is chemically decomposed into anions and cations. Under the action of electricity, ions are fixed on products, then will form a new layer of material. This method was applied to the grinding wheel. The initial tool was mainly a metal alloy grinding wheel, which was made by sintering. As the metal was easily conductive, this method was very suitable for the manufacture of this principle, so that the plating method became a another method of manufacturing the grinding wheel. Its basic principle is to use the principle of electrolysis to plate the abrasive onto on the metal alloy substrate. The electroplated grinding wheel has the characteristics of high quality, high production efficiency and low cost. It is widely used in the diamond grinding wheel industry because of these advantages.

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