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Polished Stone Polishing Steps And Processes
Jun 27, 2017

Processing large-Batch line polishing best with a molding knife, this can reduce the amount of rough grinding work, and ensure that the line after coarse grinding good quality, shape consistency.

1, check the shape of the products to meet the production process processing single shape, qualified before entering the polishing process;

2, polished before polishing as the material condition to make up the glue treatment, after the processing of the glue and then polished polishing;

3, the first single piece of painting line coarse grinding, coarse grinding left 0.5MM Fine grinding, mill surplus; stitching: to grind and polish the line

4, the picture stitching is good, and according to the line surface color choice deployment, to guarantee the color, the pattern good effect. Line Mill # According to the installation diagram requirements first unified numbering, and then disassemble the polishing, so do not cause the polished line interface is concave and convex;

5, the interface at the time of dislocation, the transition section should be long, the longer the better, and polished with a ruler to check the straightness; finish polishing the line through the quality inspection of qualified before shipment.